Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Upgrade A Gateway-Only Node

  1. Install Directory server from the Java Enterprise System stack.

  2. Perform the following:

    1. cd to Product/portal_svr/Tools/upgrade/resource/jes3

    2. Issue the following command:

      /usr/jdk/entsys-j2se/bin/jar --xf upgraderesource.jar upgrade.xml

    3. Edit the upgrade.xml file.

      After the line:

      <replace file="${PS_70_PRODUCT_DIR}/lib/" 
      token="psWSRPConsumer2.ldif" value=""/>

      Include the following two lines in the upgrade.xml file.

      <replace file="${PS_70_PRODUCT_DIR}/template/"  
      token="" value="GATEWAY_HOST_NAME"/>
      <replace file="${PS_70_PRODUCT_DIR}/template/"  
      token="" value="LOCAL_DIRECTORY_SERVER_PORT"/>
    4. Modify the following lines:

      Change <target name="fetchGlobalDP" > to <target name="fetchGlobalDP" if="PORTAL_INSTALLED">

      Change <target name="fetchOrgDP" > to <target name="fetchOrgDP" if="PORTAL_INSTALLED">

      Change <target name="uploadGlobalDP" > to <target name="uploadGlobalDP" if="PORTAL_INSTALLED">

      Change <target name="uploadOrgDP" > to <target name="uploadOrgDP" if="PORTAL_INSTALLED">

    5. Issue the following command:

      /usr/jdk/entsys-j2se/bin/jar -uf upgraderesource.jar upgrade.xml

  3. Copy the security folder from /etc/opt/SUNWcacao/security from the Portal Server machine to the Gateway machine.

  4. Start Directory Server.

  5. Start the cacao server.

  6. Run the command ./psupgrade.

    A failure occurs. You can ignore.

  7. Copy the psconfig file from /var/tmp/pconfigupgradeXXXXXxml to /tmp/psconfig.xml.

  8. Replace the following unreplaced tokens in the psconfig.xml file:

    • JAVA_BASE_DIR. For example, use /usr/jdk/entsys-j2se.


    • with the gateway domain

  9. Run the command /opt/SUNWportal/bin/psconfig --config /tmp/psconfig.xml

  10. Restart the web container.