Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installation Planning Guide

Distributed Subcomponents

Some Instant Messaging components have subcomponents that can be separately installed and configured. For example, Messaging Server has four subcomponents, Message Transfer Agent, Message Multiplexor (MMP), Messenger Express Multiplexor (MEM), and Message Store. A deployment architecture might place these subcomponents on separate computer systems to satisfy quality of service reasons. For example, the sample architecture in Figure 2–1 places instances of MEM on computer systems CX1 and CX2, outbound Message Transfer Agent on computer systems MTA1 and MTA2, the inbound Message Transfer Agent on computer systems MTA3 and MTA4, the MMP on computer systems MMP1 and MMP2, and the message store on computer systems STR1 and STR2.

Table 3–2 lists the Java ES components that have separately installable subcomponents. Analyze the deployment architecture for your solution and determine whether it uses distributed subcomponents. If your solution uses distributed subcomponents, you need to develop a plan to install the subcomponents on the correct computer systems, in the correct order, and configure the subcomponents to interoperate. For more information on configuring distributed subcomponents, see the descriptions of individual components in Developing an Installation Plan.

Table 3–2 Components with subcomponents



Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging Multiplexor 

Instant Messaging Resources 

Instant Messaging Server 

Messaging Server

Message Transfer Agent (MTA) 

Message Store 

Messaging Multiplexor (MMP) 

Messenger Express Multiplexor (MEM) 

Subcomponents are separately installable. If your deployment architecture calls for distributed subcomponents, run the installer on each computer and select the subcomponents specified in the architecture. The input values required by the installer or configuration wizard are a subset of values for the complete component. For the components that are not configured by the installer, start the configuration wizard, select the subcomponents to be configured on the computer and supply the input values required by the configuration wizard.