Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installation Planning Guide

Java ES Installation Defined

The installation process described in this manual includes the installation and basic configuration of a Java ES solution. Installation, as used in this manual, means using the Java ES installer to copy the files for Java ES components to computer systems. Configuration, as used in this manual, means using either the installer or a configuration wizard to configure an instance of a Java ES component. After you perform this basic configuration, you can start the instance, verify its basic operation, and verify that it interoperates correctly with other components in your solution.

The basic configuration described in this manual does not cover many areas of component functionality. For example, basic configuration of Messaging Server establishes an email domain and creates an instance that interoperates with other components, such as Directory Server and Access Manager. Basic configuration does not address other aspects of Messaging Server functionality, such as the mail protocols used. To configure these aspects of component functionality, you need to refer to component product documentation, such as Sun Java System Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide