Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installation Planning Guide

Specifying the LDAP Schema for a Solution

Java ES solutions that use Directory Server can use either of two versions of a standard LDAP schema, which are known as Schema 1 and Schema 2. The user management specification for a solution specifies whether the solution uses Schema 1 or Schema 2. The configuration values in the installation plan ensure that the installation process creates the correct schema.

Schema 2 supports the use of Access Manager, and Access Manager's single sign-on to feature. If a solution uses single sign-on, it must use Schema 2.

The installation process configures the directory for the specified schema as follows:

Depending on the solution, the following procedures for extending the schema might be necessary:

The LDAP schema specification identifies the schema used in the solution and any schema extensions required by the solution. The installation plan includes procedures that establish the correct schema and perform any specified schema extensions.