Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installation Planning Guide

Adding Installation Procedures for Directory Server to Your Installation Plan

To begin your installation plan, add installation and configuration instructions for Directory Server, as follows:

  1. If theDirectory Server instances are load balanced, the first step in your installation plan is confirming that the load balancer is functioning before anyJava ES software is installed.

  2. Next, in your plan, list all of the computers with Directory Server instances.

    1. For each computer, add an instruction to run the Java ES installer and select Directory Server.

    2. If other components are installed on the same computer system, you can add instructions to select all of the components at the same time, but your plan must put the instructions for configuring, starting, and verifying the Directory Server instances before the instructions for configuring or starting any instance of any other component. For example,

    3. If your solution uses multi-mastering replication, you must choose one of the Directory Server instances to be the master that runs while other components are installed and configured. List the computer with this instance first.

    4. If your deployment architecture has separate configuration—only Directory Server instances, list these first. Configuration-only instances must be installed and running before user and group instances are installed.

  3. Underneath each Directory Server instance in your plan, list the key values for configuring the instance.

  4. If the solution uses multi-mastering replication, add an instruction to shut down all but one of the Directory Server instances.