Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installation Planning Guide

Directory Proxy Server

Directory Proxy Server manages access to an LDAP directory that is maintained by Directory Server. Routing requests for directory information in solution with directory information accessed by internal and external users, and distributed across sites.

Solution-level dependencies on Directory Server and Administration Server. No local dependencies. Therefore, if a solution uses Directory Proxy Server, it is logical to install and configure Directory Proxy Server after Directory Server and Administration Server, but before any of the other components, which are potentially consumers of Directory Proxy Server services.

Basic Installation Procedures for Directory Proxy Server

The basic procedures for installing and configuring Directory Proxy Server are as follows:

  1. Install and configure Directory Proxy Server on the computer systems specified in your deployment architecture. When you install Directory Proxy Server, you specify the Directory Server instance where Administration Server configuration data will be stored.

  2. Start and verify all of the Directory Proxy Server instances.

  3. If your solution uses Directory Proxy Server to implement load balancing for the Directory Server instances, verify that the load balancing is routing requests among the Directory Server instances.

Choosing Configuration Values for Directory Proxy Server

For each Messaging Server instance in your solution, you must input values that configure the instance to interoperate with the other components in the solution. For example, instances to interoperate with each other. Use Table 3–7 to help you choose configuration values.

Table 3–7 Key Configuration Values for Directory Proxy Server

Input Field 

Choosing a Value for Your Solution 

Directory Proxy Server Port 

The port on which Directory Proxy Server listens for connections. This should be specified in the network connectivity specification. For more information, see Developing a Network Connectivity Specification.

Administration Root Directory 

The directory where the installer stores configuration data about the Directory Proxy Server instance for Administration Server's use. 

Adding Installation Procedures for Directory Proxy Server to Your Installation Plan

To add installation and configuration instructions for Directory Proxy Server, do the following:

  1. If theDirectory Proxy Server instances are load-balanced, add an instruction to verify that the load balancer is functioning before anyJava ES software is installed.

  2. In your plan, list all of the computers with Directory Proxy Server instances. For each computer, add Directory Proxy Server to list of components installed.

  3. Beneath the Directory Proxy Server heading, add an instruction to run the Java ES installer, that includes the following:

    1. Selecting Directory Proxy Server.

    2. A list of the key values for configuring the instance. Use Table 3–6 to help you select configuration values.

  4. Add an instruction to start and verify the Directory Proxy Server instance.

  5. If the Directory Proxy Server instances are load balanced, add an instruction to verify operation of the load balancer.