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Sun Java System Portal Server 6 2005Q4 Deployment Planning Guide 

Appendix F  
Portal Server on the Linux Platform

Sun Java™ System Portal Server supports RedHat 3.0 Linux platform, however, please note the differences between the Solaris and Linux platforms.

Limitations Using Linux

Please note the following:

Configuration files, deployment, and Application Programming Interfaces are the same for Solaris and Linux.

Comparison of Solaris and Linux Path Names

Table F-1  Comparison of Solaris and Linux Path Names

Solaris Path Name

Linux Path Name

/opt/SUNWps ( default)

/opt/sun/portal (default)

/etc/opt/SUNWps (config)

/etc/opt/sun/portal (config)

/var/opt/SUNWps (data)

/var/opt/sun/portal (data)

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