Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Guide for Apache Tomcat 5.5 Servlet/JSP Container

Key Features and Tasks Performed With the J2EE agentadmin Program

The agentadmin program is a utility used to perform a variety of tasks from required tasks, such as installation to optional tasks, such as displaying version information. This section summarizes the tasks that can be performed with the agentadmin program. Many of the tasks performed with this program are related to installation or uninstallation. For detailed information about the options available with this program, see Role of the agentadmin Program in a J2EE Agent for Policy Agent 2.2.

In this section, the options are listed for your quick review to help you get a sense of how the agentadmin program fits in with the other methods of managing J2EE agents, which are all discussed in this chapter.

The location of the agentadmin program is as follows:


The following table lists options that can be used with the agentadmin command and gives a brief description of the specific task performed with each option.

Note –

In this section, the options described are the agentadmin program options that apply to all J2EE agents. Options that only apply to specific J2EE agents are relatively uncommon and are described where necessary within the corresponding J2EE agent guide.

Table 5–1 The agentadmin Program: Supported Options


Task Performed 


Installs a new agent instance 


Uninstalls an existing Agent instance 


Displays details of all the configured agents 


Displays details of the agent corresponding to the specified agent IDs 


Displays the version information 


Encrypts a given string 


Generates an Agent Encryption key 


Uninstalls all agent instances 


Retrieves a universal ID for valid identity types 


Displays the usage message 


Displays a brief help message