Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Guide for Apache HTTP Server 2.0.54

ProcedureTo Install the Access Manager Root CA Certificate on Apache HTTP Server on Windows Systems

The following steps outline a method for installing Access Manager Root CA Certificate on the Apache HTTP Server server. However, see the documentation for the Apache HTTP Server server for more information about installing certificates.

  1. Change directories to the location of the Apache HTTP Server configuration file.

    The following example is applicable for changing directories using the CMD shell when the Apache HTTP Server configuration file is in the default location of c:\program files\apache group\apache2:

    # c:\program files\apache group\apache2
  2. Change to the cert directory.

  3. (Conditional) If the certificate database has not yet been created, create it at a unique location using a command such as the following:

    # PolicyAgent-base\bin\certutil -N -d .
  4. Install the root CA certificate.

    Remember that the root CA certificate that you install on the Apache HTTP Server server must be the same certificate that is installed on the Access Manager host.

    The following example demonstrates a command you can issue that uses the certutil utility to install the certificate:

    # PolicyAgent-base\bin\certutil -A -n cert-name -t
    "C,C,C" -d cert-dir -i cert-file

    The name for this root CA certificate.


    The directory where the certificate and key stores are located.


    The base-64 encoded root CA certificate file.

    For more information on the cetrutil utility enter cetrutil -H for Help.

  5. To verify that the certificate is properly installed, in the command line, issue the following command:

    PolicyAgent-base\bin\certutil -L -d cert-dir

    The root CA certificate is then listed in the output of the certutil -L command as illustrated in the following code example:

    Certificate Name                             Trust Attrubutes
          cert-name                                      C,C,C
    p    Valid peer
    P    Trusted peer (implies c)
    c    Valid CA
    T    Trusted CA to issue client certs (implies c)
    C    Trusted CA to certs(only server certs for ssl) (implies c)
    u    User cert
    w    Send warning

  6. Restart Apache HTTP Server.