Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Guide for Apache HTTP Server 2.0.54

Solaris Systems: Troubleshooting Symptom 4

Symptom: This problem is specific to Agent for Apache HTTP Server. The following error message is encountered:

The directory you provided does not contain a httpd 
binary<p> file.  Please re-enter the full path to the<p> 
directory where the Apache httpd binary file is located

This error message can occur during installation of Agent for Apache HTTP Server after you provide information about Apache Binary Directory. The following is an example of a directory name you might provide, which would normally not result in an error message:


Possible Cause

The version of Apache HTTP Server that you are using might be the version that comes bundled with SolarisTM 9 Operating System or with Solaris 10 Operating System. These Apache HTTP Server bundled packages are incomplete and should not be used. For example, such bundled packages do not come with the httpd.conf file to which the preceding error message refers.

Possible Solution: Download the desired version of Apache HTTP Server from the Apache web site at Compile and install the downloaded version of Apache HTTP Server before attempting to install the agent.