Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Guide for Apache HTTP Server 2.0.54

AIX Systems: Troubleshooting Symptoms in Agent for Apache HTTP Server

This section includes various problems you might encounter with this agent on AIX systems. The symptom of the problem is followed by possible causes and solutions.

AIX Systems: Troubleshooting Symptom 1

Symptom: The browser goes into a loop for approximately a minute before displaying an access-denied page.

Possible Cause: The user tries to access a resource for which a policy with a time condition has been set and the time on the web agent host and the Access Manager host are not in sync.

Possible Solution: Login as root and run the command rdate hostname to synchronize the time on both hosts.

AIX Systems: Troubleshooting Symptom 2

Symptom: The agent goes into an infinite loop.

Possible Cause: The value for the following property in the web agent AMAgent.properites configuration file is a resource to which users are assigned:

The users assigned to this resource, do not have allow in the policy definition.

Possible Solution: For the get method, specify allow in the policy definition.

AIX Systems: Troubleshooting Symptom 3

Symptom:When a user attempts to access a resource using Internet Explorer as the browser, access is denied.

Possible Cause: Internet Explorer overrides the port number of the web agent with the Access Manager port number. In such cases, the agent log file lists the URL that is being evaluated. The port number for that URL is incorrect.

Possible Solution: You can ensure this problem does not occur by setting the following property in the web agent configuration file to true as shown: = true