Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Guide for Apache HTTP Server 2.0.54

AIX Systems: Setting File Ownership and Permissions on Agent for Apache HTTP Server

On AIX systems, the Apache HTTP Server server must run as a non-root user. For example purposes in this section, the name apuser is used as the non-root user while apgroup is used as the name of the group.

To enable Agent for Apache HTTP Server to work properly, ensure that the non-root user has read permissions to the following files:


represents the directory you choose in which to install the web agent


represents a directory that is created and named during agent installation. This name is derived from the path to the Apache HTTP Server directory where slashes are converted to underscores. For this example, the path to the Apache HTTP Server directory is as follows:


Based on the preceding path, during installation, the following _PathInstanceName directory would be created:


You can set the required permissions to the files by issuing the following commands:

chown apuser:apgroup /etc/opt/agents/apache/config/_PathInstanceName
chown apuser:apgroup /var/opt/agents/apache/debug/_PathInstanceName/
chown apuser:apgroup PolicyAgent-base/agents/apache/lib/libamapc2.a