Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Guide for Microsoft Internet Information Services 6.0

Appendix C Troubleshooting a Web Agent Deployment

This appendix applies to Agent for Microsoft IIS 6.0. If a problem is discussed in this appendix, it either applies only to this agent or it applies to two or more agents with one of them being this agent. This appendix explains how you can resolve problems that you might encounter while deploying or using this web agent. Be sure to also check the Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Release Notes, to see if the problem that you encounter is a known limitation of this web agent. If workarounds are available for such problems, they will be provided in the release notes.

Troubleshooting Symptoms in Agent for Microsoft IIS 6.0

This section includes problems you might encounter. The explanation of the symptom is followed by possible causes and solutions.

Troubleshooting Symptom 1

Symptom: Cannot install the web agent after a previous installation has been removed.

Possible Causes:

Possible Solution: To resolve the issue, manually remove the web agent as explained in the following task description.

ProcedureTo Manually Remove Agent for Microsoft IIS 6.0

  1. Stop all of the web sites.

  2. Stop all of the application pools.

  3. Remove Agent for Microsoft IIS 6.0.

    1. In the Start menu, select Control Panel->Add/Remove programs

    2. Select Sun Java System Access Manager for IIS6.0

    3. Click Remove

  4. Remove entries from product registry

    1. Issue the following command from the command line:

    2. Traverse to the following:

    3. Click Software

    4. Click Sun Microsystems

    5. Remove the following entry:

      Access Manager IIS6 Agent

  5. Remove the PolicyAgent-base directory from the server.

    where PolicyAgent-base represents the directory in which the web agent was originally installed.

  6. Remove the following entries from the PATH variable:

    • PolicyAgent-base\bin

    • PolicyAgent-base\iis6\bin

  7. Restart the server.

Troubleshooting Symptom 2

Problem: Unable to uninstall the agent from the Windows system using the following menu sequence: Start menu > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs

Possible Cause: Java’s class path might not be set correctly on the machine.

Solution: Perform the steps in the following task description.

ProcedureTo Uninstall a Web Agent When the GUI Uninstallation Fails

  1. Open Command Prompt Window.

  2. Change directories to PolicyAgent-base.

  3. Execute the following command:

    java uninstall_Sun_Java_tm_System_Access_Manager_Policy_Agent

Troubleshooting Symptom 3

Symptom:When a user attempts to access a resource using Internet Explorer as the browser, access is denied.

Possible Cause: Internet Explorer overrides the port number of the web agent with the Access Manager port number. In such cases, the agent log file lists the URL that is being evaluated. The port number for that URL is incorrect.

Possible Solution: You can ensure this problem does not occur by setting the following property in the web agent configuration file to true as shown: = true

Troubleshooting Symptom 4

Symptom: This troubleshooting symptom applies when Agent for Microsoft IIS 6.0 protects Microsoft SharePoint or Outlook Web Access. After issuing the command IIS6AuthAdmin.vbs -config defaultConfig, as described in Microsoft Office SharePoint and Outlook Web Access: Configuring the Agent, the following message appears:

PolicyAgent-base\iis6\bin\IIS6AuthAdmin.vbs(303, 4) 
(null): Cannot create a file when that file already exists.

Possible Cause: The amiis6auth.dll file was manually removed and not reloaded with the same name.

Possible Solution: Issue the two following scripts to clear the first issuance and to then reissue the original command.

Troubleshooting Symptom 5

Symptom: While you are answering installation prompts, the installer quits, issuing an error message such as the following:

Error writing native components to disk. Aborting wizard

Possible Cause: The installer must download and extract the Java Runtime Environment JRE .zip file to a specific directory. However, the installer cannot access that directory. Therefore, it cannot download the required files.

By default this directory has write permissions. However, if those permissions have been changed prior to agent installation, the preceding error can result.

Possible Solution: Make accessible the directory in question:

The full path to this directory is as follows:

C:\Documents and Settings\user

where user is a place holder representing the user name of the logged in user, for example, Administrator.

Ensure that this directory has write permissions.