Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Guide for Microsoft Internet Information Services 6.0

Providing Personalization With Policy-Based Response Attributes

Header attributes can also be determined by Access Manager policy configurations. With policy-based response attributes you can define attribute-value pairs at each policy.

Web agents in this release set policy-based response attributes as headers or cookies based on configuration. All subjects that match this attribute set obtain this attribute.

The following is a new property that has been added to the web agent configuration file to control this functionality:

This property can be set to one of the following values:

The following example shows this configuration property with the default setting, which is HTTP_HEADER: = HTTP_HEADER

Attribute mapping is available for response attributes. Therefore, the format of policy information can be mapped to the format of a header or a cookie. The below property is used for this type of mapping:

Unlike profile attributes and session attributes, where only the mapped attributes are displayed as headers or cookies, by default, response attributes are set by the agent as headers or cookies based on the setting of this property:

If a response attribute map is specified, then the corresponding attribute mapped name is fetched from the map and its corresponding value is displayed as either a header or a cookie based on the setting of the above property.