Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Guide for Microsoft Internet Information Services 6.0

Installing Agent for Microsoft IIS 6.0

The installation program that installs Agent for Microsoft IIS 6.0 has one interface, a graphical user interface (GUI).

The installation performed by this installer is extremely basic. The installer performs the following:

Therefore, during the installation, you are not prompted for information about the Microsoft IIS 6.0 host or the Access Manager host, though this type of information is often prompted by installers. Instead, for this agent, such information is prompted as part of the configuration process described in Installation-Related Configuration for Microsoft IIS 6.0.

ProcedureTo Install Agent for Microsoft IIS 6.0

This task applies to all deployments of Agent for Microsoft IIS 6.0, including deployments where the agent protects Microsoft Office SharePoint or Outlook Web Access.

You must have administrator privileges to run the installation program.

  1. Unzip the product binaries.


    Note –

    On Microsoft Windows 2003, the zip file is not automatically unpacked. Therefore, after you download the agents zip file, be sure to extract the zip file to a directory first and then execute setup.exe. To extract the zip file, right click on the zip file in the File Manager and select Extract. After extracting to a directory, double click setup.exe to execute it.

  2. Double-click setup.exe to run the installation program.

  3. In the Welcome window, click Next.

  4. Read the License Agreement and click Yes to accept it.

  5. Select the directory in which you want to install the agent.

    The default directory is C:\Sun\Access_Manager\Agents\2.2. The installation program will install the agent in this directory.

    The directory in which you install the web agent is referred to as the Policy Agent base directory, or PolicyAgent-base.

  6. (Conditional) Click Create Directory if this option is available.

    If the directory does not exist, a dialog box appears giving you the option to create a directory.

  7. Click Install Now.

    The program installs the agent.

  8. Click Yes when the program asks if you want to reboot the computer.

    Once the installation is complete, you must create agent configuration files to configure the agent for web sites. The following section explains the procedure for creating the agent configuration file.