Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Guide for Microsoft Internet Information Services 6.0

Troubleshooting Symptom 5

Symptom: While you are answering installation prompts, the installer quits, issuing an error message such as the following:

Error writing native components to disk. Aborting wizard

Possible Cause: The installer must download and extract the Java Runtime Environment JRE .zip file to a specific directory. However, the installer cannot access that directory. Therefore, it cannot download the required files.

By default this directory has write permissions. However, if those permissions have been changed prior to agent installation, the preceding error can result.

Possible Solution: Make accessible the directory in question:

The full path to this directory is as follows:

C:\Documents and Settings\user

where user is a place holder representing the user name of the logged in user, for example, Administrator.

Ensure that this directory has write permissions.