Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Guide for Microsoft Internet Information Services 6.0

Microsoft Office SharePoint: Configuring Agent for Microsoft IIS 6.0

If you are installing Agent for Microsoft IIS 6.0 to protect Microsoft Office SharePoint, another task is required. To protect Microsoft Office SharePoint with this agent you must ensure that the authentication method for the Microsoft IIS 6.0 Server is set to Basic authentication as described in the task that follows.

ProcedureMicrosoft Office SharePoint: To Enable the Authentication Method to Basic

  1. Log in to the Microsoft IIS 6.0 Server as an administrator

  2. In the Microsoft Windows Start menu, choose run.

  3. Type the following: inetmgr

  4. Click OK.

  5. Expand the local computer.

  6. Expand the Web Sites folder.

  7. Right click Default Web Site.

    An options list appears.

  8. In the options list, click Properties.

    The Default Web Site Properties dialog box appears.

  9. Select the Directory Security tab.

  10. Click Edit in the Authentication and access control section.

  11. Select Basic authentication in the Authenticated access section.

  12. Click OK.

  13. Click OK again to close the Web site properties.

Next Steps

Now you can verify the installation of the agent as described in Microsoft Office SharePoint and Outlook Web Access: Verifying a Successful Agent Installation.