Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Guide for IBM Lotus Domino 6.5.4

Load Balancer in Front of Web Agent

In many cases, when a load balancer is deployed in front of the web agent only the following property must be set:

Example 6–4 Property Settings: Load Balancer in Front of Web Agent = valid|LB-hostname

where LB-hostname represents the name of the machine on which the load balancer is located.

However, if SSL-termination or a proxy server is used in the deployment, all the following properties in the web agent configuration file should be set in addition to the preceding property:

This example illustrates how properties can be set to enable load balancing when the protocol, hostname, and port number of the load balancer differ from that of the web agent. However, if the load balancer and the web agent share one of these characteristics, such as the protocol or hostname, then the respective property would be left blank instead of being assigned a value of true. = true = true = true = LB-url/amagent

where LB-url represents the load balancer URL. The following example is a conceivable load balancer URL: