Sun N1 Service Provisioning System User's Guide for Linux Plug-In 2.0

Chapter 1 Overview of Linux Plug-In

This chapter explains general information about using N1 Service Provisioning System to provision Linux RPM files and applications. The chapter contains the following information:

Purpose of the Linux Plug-In

The Linux Plug-In adds an RPM (Red Hat Package Manager) file component type to N1 Service Provisioning System software. An RPM file contains all the pieces needed for an application. By creating components of the RPM file component type, you can then deploy those components to other Linux systems. In other words, you deploy the application contained in the RPM file to those systems.

What the Linux Plug-In Includes

The Linux Plug-In includes the RPM file component type. This component type identifies a Linux RPM file.

Requirements for Using the Linux Plug-In

Any host on which you intend to deploy Linux RPM files must be running one of the following releases.