Sun N1 Service Provisioning System User's Guide for Linux Plug-In 2.0

ProcedureHow to Import the Linux Plug-in Using the Browser Interface

To import or upgrade a plug-in, follow these steps as explained in detail in Chapter 5, Plug-In Administration, in Sun N1 Service Provisioning System 5.2 System Administration Guide

  1. In the Administrative section of the browser interface main window, click Plug-ins.

  2. In the Action column of the Plug-ins page, click Import.

  3. Browse to the location where of the JAR file.

    • If you are importing the Linux Plug-In for the first time, select the com.sun.linux_2.0.jar file.

    • If you have already imported a previous version of the Linux Plug-In, select the com.sun.linux_1.1_2.0.jar file.

  4. Click the Continue to Import button.

    When the import complete successfully, a plug-in details page appears and shows you the objects that the plug-in provides.