Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Enterprise Sample Guide

Creating a New Top-level Tab

ProcedureTo Create a New Top-level Tab

This procedure creates a new tab container by the name MyTabContainer and adds it to the list of Containers on the Portal Desktop administration page.

  1. Login to the Portal Server management console as administrator (amadmin).

  2. Click the Portals tab and click Portal-ID in the list of portals.

  3. Select Enterprise Sample in the drop down list for Current Location.

  4. Click the Manage Containers & Channels link.

  5. In the left side frame, select ASCTabContainer in the View Type drop down list.

  6. Select New Channel or Container link in the right side frame.

    A popup window displays with a wizard to guide you through the steps for creating a new container.

    1. Ensure that the correct values are selected for the portal and DN in the popup window. Select the Container radio button and click Next.

      A message displays indicating successful creation of the container.

    2. Select ASCTabContainerProvider from the Container Provider drop down list and click Next.

    3. Provide a unique name for the container. For example, MyTabContainer.

    4. Verify the information and click Close.

      A message displays indicating successful creation of the container.

  7. Select the link Show or Hide Channels and Containers on Portal Desktop link.

    Ensure that the newly created container is listed in the list of containers Visible on the Portal Desktop list.

  8. Verify the information and click Close to the Portal management page.