Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Enterprise Sample Guide

Changing the Width and Number of Columns

The numeric value for the layout is unique and is used as the value for the layout property of the container. Table 3–1 shows the numeric values associated with the number of columns and their widths.

Table 3–1 Column Layout


Number of Columns  

Numeric value  

Thin - Wide 


Wide - Thin 


Thin - Wide - Thin 


The default layout of the NewsContainer is Thin - Wide - Thin. The Enterprise Sample defines column widths as layout=3 (Thin-Wide-Thin). To extend support for more layouts, refer to Adding New Layouts.

ProcedureTo Change the Width and Number of Columns of a Nested Tab

  1. Login to the Portal Server administration console as administrator (amadmin).

  2. Click the Portals tab and click on the portal-ID in the list of portals.

  3. Select Enterprise Sample from the drop down list for Current Location.

  4. Click the Manage Containers & Channels link.

  5. Select NewsContainer in the left side frame.

  6. Change layout property to a new numeric value (refer to layout table for valid values).

  7. Click Save to save the changes.

ProcedureTo Verify that the Layout Properties Are Changed

  1. Access the Enterprise Sample anonymous portal.

  2. Login as Mary with the password mary.

    The new layout for NewsContainer displays.