Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Enterprise Sample Guide

ProcedureTo Change the Logo

  1. Get a suitable image of the logo in the supported format (such as jpeg, gif, png).

  2. Edit the PortalServer-dataDir/portals/portal-ID/desktop/enterprise_sample/ASCTabContainerProvider/body.jsp file.

    Look for the image file name asc-logo-8.png in the following code:

    /enterprise/images/asc-logo-8.png" alt=...

    Replace this file with your new logo file. For example,

    logo_sun_small_sdn.gif - /enterprise/images/logo_sun_small_sdn.gif" alt=...
  3. Adjust the dimensions and coordinates of the logo using the standard HTML tags (height, width).

  4. Place your logo in the PortalServer-dataDir/portals/portal-ID/web-src/enterprise/images directory.

  5. Redeploy the Portal Server to the web container.

    To redeploy, type PortalServer-base/bin/psadmin redeploy --adminuser amAdmin --passwordfile password-filename --portal portal-ID.

    Note –

    The image must first be placed in the portal web application source directory and then the portal web application should be redeployed. Otherwise, the change may be lost if the portal web application is ever redeployed.

  6. Verify that the new logo appears as desired by typing the following URL in your browser.