Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Enterprise Sample Guide

ProcedureTo Configure the Portal Desktop for the Anonymous Portal

  1. Login to the Portal Server administration console as administrator (amadmin).

  2. Click the Portals tab

  3. Click the portal-ID in the Portals list

  4. Select TopLevel [Global] from the Select DN list

  5. Specify the fully distinguished name (DN) and password for the Anonymous User in the Valid UIDs for Anonymous Desktop list.

    For example:

    1. Select Add and specify the following:

      User DN




    2. Click save.

      Note –

      You must save for the changes to take affect.

    The Enterprise Sample adds the siroeauthless user to the list.

  6. Set the Default User DN for anonymous user.

    The Default User DN determines which Anonymous Portal the end user is directed to by default. To set the default user DN for siroeauthless anonymous user:

    1. Select (click the checkbox) next to the siroeauthless entry.

    2. Click the Set as Default button.

      Note –

      You must save the changes.

  7. Restart the web container for the changes to take affect.