Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Enterprise Sample Guide

Customizing the Channel Menu

The channel menu for the Enterprise Sample can be customized to add new menu items or remove menu items. Customizing the channel menu requires modification of JSP files shipped in the JSPTableContainerProvider located, by default, in the PortalServer-DataDir/portal/portal-ID/desktop/enterprise_sample/JSPTableContainerProvider directory. The menu for channels displayed in the desktop is created in channelMenubar.jsp file. The menu for the channels in the popup window state is created in popupChannelMenubar.jsp file. Any modifications to the channel menu should be made in both the above files so that the changes are reflected in regular desktop channels as well as in the popup channels.

Similar Javascript actions can be associated with each menu item. Actions are invoked when you click on the menu item. Here are some examples.

Note –

In the above example, when you click an image, the pull down menu displays. You may have to delete the compiled JSP class cache under PortalServer-DataDir/portal/portal-ID/desktop/compiled directory to force recompilation of the changed JSPs.