Escaping Vendor Lock-in: Life After Microsoft Exchange

What Is the Sun Solution?

The Sun Microsystems solution to the problem just described is to exchange Microsoft Exchange on the server side for the Sun Java System Communications Services platform. The Sun platform includes the following components:

Together, the Messaging Server, Calendar Server, and Instant Messaging products provide robust, scalable, secure, and integrated email, calendaring, and instant messaging functionality. Furthermore, the Connector for Microsoft Outlook component seamlessly connects the Sun server software to Microsoft Outlook desktop clients, so that employees can continue to use Microsoft Outlook on their desktops. This avoids the painful and expensive exercise of retraining users on a new client. In addition, Communications Sync enables users to synchronize data from Calendar Server to a wide range of calendar clients and devices.

The end result is dramatic server consolidation, significantly reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), and a future-proofed investment in standards-based communication infrastructure. At the same time, Sun Java System Communications Services software delivers the necessary scalability, performance, and reliability, as well as the rich feature set and client support, required to maintain the services and experiences that end users demand.

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For an overview of Sun Java System Communications Services component products, see Chapter 1, Introduction to Deploying Communications Services, in Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Deployment Planning Guide.

To implement the migration, the Sun Enterprise Messaging Consolidation Solution (EMCS) has been designed to enable enterprises to migrate from messaging platforms, such as Microsoft Exchange, to the Sun Java System Communications Services platform, and to do so quickly and safely. In addition to the set of Sun Java System Communications Services products previously mentioned, EMCS provides the following services:

The following section discusses the architecture of the Sun solution in more detail.