Sun Gathering Debug Data for Sun Java System Messaging Server

ProcedureTo Run the dbhang Script

The dbhang script gathers data about problems where the Message Store database is the source of the hang. The dbhang script is not intended to be an all-purpose data gathering script for Messaging Server.

  1. Customize the dbhang script to reflect the specificities of your Messaging Server installation. Use an editor to modify the script then change the SRVROOT, INST, and MAILUSER variables in the top part of the script.

  2. Using the configutil command, check if the store.dbtmpdir parameter is set. If it is set, change DBTMPDIR to the same value as store.dbtmpdir, otherwise it should be $MBOXLIST.

  3. Leave the following variables set to their default values unless otherwise instructed by Sun Support:


    You should not need to change anything below this comment:

    # you should not need to edit anything below here

    Note –

    Occasionally, the dbhang script cannot find the log files in their expected location, so you might need to change this as well.

  4. Perform a test run of the dbhang script after you have made your edits. Ensure that the script runs without errors.

  5. Execute the dbhang script and collect the data when you have a problem.