Setting Up Administration Channels for Delegated Administration

ProcedureTo Set Up Channels for an Organization Administrator

  1. Log in to the Sun Java System Access Manager administration console and navigate to the DeveloperSample organization.

  2. Create a new suborganization under DeveloperSample organization and register all the required services for this new organization.

    The Access Manager software creates an Organization Admin role by default when a new organization is created.

  3. Create a new user and assign the Organization Admin role to this user.

  4. Replace the following tokens in the administration portlets display profile with the newly created organization DN:


    The administration portlets display profile is located in the PortalServer-base/export/dp/admin/dp-orgadmin.xml file.

  5. Log out of the Access Manager administration console and log in to the Sun Java System Portal Server management console.

  6. Select Portals —> portal-ID —> Add DNs and search for role with filter Organization Admin.

  7. Select the Organization Admin Role from the newly created organization and click on Add.

    This adds the Organization Admin Role to the location bar drop down menu.

  8. Select the Organization Admin role from the drop down menu.

  9. Select the upload display profile link in the tasks section to upload the dp-orgadmin.xml file from PortalServer-base/export/dp/admin directory.

  10. Log out of the Portal Server management console and log in to the admin user's desktop to view the sample administration channels in the Admin tab of the Developer Sample.