Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Guide for IBM WebSphere Portal Server

ProcedureTo Add an Access Manager Trust Association Interceptor to IBM WebSphere Portal Server

Note –

This task must be performed once per IBM WebSphere Application Server node regardless of how many IBM WebSphere Application Server instances exist within that node.

This task allows the agent to establish SSO with the protected IBM WebSphere Portal Server instance.

  1. Ensure that all instances of the underlying IBM WebSphere Application Server are stopped.

  2. Start the instance of IBM WebSphere Application Server on which the Administration Console is deployed.

    Typically this instance is named server1

  3. Log in to the IBM WebSphere Portal Server Administration Console.

  4. Navigate to the Interceptors page.

    1. Expand the Security node.

    2. Expand the Authentication Mechanisms node.

    3. Click LTPA.

      A new page appears.

    4. Click the Trust association link.

    5. Click Interceptors.

  5. Click New.

  6. Name the new Trust Association Interceptor with the following class name:

  7. Click Apply.

    A new page opens.

  8. Save changes.

    1. Click the Save link.

      A new page opens.

    2. Click the Save button.

  9. Navigate again to the Interceptors page.

    The navigation steps are explained at the beginning of this task description.

  10. Check the Trust Association Enabled checkbox.

  11. Click OK.

  12. Save and apply changes to Master configuration.

  13. Restart all server instances as necessary including the instance on which IBM WebSphere Portal Server is deployed.

    The Policy Agent Trust Association Interceptor is now installed.