Sun Java Communications Suite 2005Q4 Evaluation Guide

ProcedureTo Chat

Before You Begin

Robert is already logged in as a Gaim user and Kathy is logged in as a Sun Java System Instant Messaging user. For more information about Gaim, see To Create Sample Instant Messaging Data. You access the Portal Server desktop as Duncan.

  1. From the Portal Server desktop channel, start Instant Messaging by clicking the Instant Messenger link in the channel.

    The Instant Messaging window appears with a list of Duncan's contacts and contact groups. If there are no contact groups, you can create one later.

  2. From Duncan's Instant Messaging window, double-click the presence icon for Robert to initiate a chat with this online buddy.

  3. Start chatting with Robert.

    Robert's name appears in a tab in the chat window. You can change the text font, size, color and more while chatting. Instant Messaging also supports emoticons and file attachments.

  4. From Duncan's buddy list, start a chat with Kathy by double-clicking on Kathy's presence icon.

    Duncan's chat window now shows two tabs: one for Robert and one for Kathy. You can have multiple simultaneous chat sessions from the same chat window through this tabbed interface.

  5. Continue with the next task.