Sun Java Communications Suite 2005Q4 Evaluation Guide

ProcedureTo Experience Address Book

In this exercise, you create a contact, and you perform an action using that contact. You also familiarize yourself with the methods to create contacts.

  1. Click the Address Book tab at the top of the Communications Express UI.

  2. Select the check box next to Kathy's name and select View Calendar from the Select action drop-down menu.

    Kathy's calendar is displayed.

    Tip –

    You can also send email by selecting Send email.

  3. Click the Address Book tab and click the double checked box above all the check boxes.

    All check boxes are selected.

  4. Select View Calendar again.

    All selected calendars can be viewed at the same time.

  5. (Optional) Create new contacts.

    Click the New Contact icon, or use the quick add feature, to add a contact. You can also use the Address Book user interface to search, group, import, export, and print.

    For now, you have now finished the Communications Express evaluation.

  6. Do not close your browser; stay logged on as the current user.

    If you log off, you end the current Access Manager session, which prevents you from launching new applications from the Portal Server desktop until you re-authenticate.

  7. Minimize the Communications Express browser window.

  8. Continue with the next demo.