Sun N1 Service Provisioning System User's Guide for Oracle App Server 10g Plug-In 2.0

ProcedureHow to Create an OC4J Instance

An OC4J (Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE) instance provides support for J2EE applications. Upon completion of this task, an OC4J instance will have been created in an application server.

  1. In the Common Tasks section of the N1 SPS browser interface, select Oracle App Server 10g.

  2. In the Application Server Instance Management section of the Oracle App Server 10g Common Tasks page, click Create OC4J

  3. On the Plans Details page, click Run.

  4. To create a new variables set, click Select from List in the Oc4jInstance component row section of the plan parameters table.

  5. Click Create Set.

  6. Type a name for this variable set.

  7. Define a value for the variable instanceName.

    Note –

    Two OC4J instances created in the same application server cannot have the same name. You always need to redefine this value since the default value (home) is used to create the OC4J instance that is always present in an application server.

  8. Save this variable set and select it so it is used in the execution of the plan.

  9. Select the Oc4jHolderHT virtual target hosts on which you want to create the OC4JInstance component.

    Tip –

    To create instances on several hosts at the same time, select more than one host.

  10. Verify that the target host set is not selected.

    The checkbox in front of the target host set should be empty. Otherwise, the plan will try to install in the host set plus the hosts you selected in the previous step

  11. Click Run Plan (includes preflight).

    At the end of the plan execution, each targeted Oc4jHolderHT virtual host will have an additional OC4JInstance component with the name you defined.