Technical Note: Deploying Access Manager to an Application Server Cluster

Before You Get Started

This document is intended for system administrators and software technicians. You should be familiar with the administrative commands for your deployment platform (SolarisTM system or Linux system ) and the following tasks.


Where to Find More Information 

Running the Java ES installer to install Java ES components. The examples in this technical note will use separate machines for the following. with Access Manager installed on all three machines: 

  • Sun Java System Application Server with cluster instances

  • Sun Java System Directory Server

    Access Manager requires Directory Server. Either install a new Directory Server or use an existing one.

  • Sun Java System Web Server as a Load Balancer.

Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installation Guide for UNIX

Applying any required patches for Access Manager and other Java ES components. 

Check for required patches in the Java ES 2005Q4 Release Notes Collection:

Also, check with your Sun Microsystems technical representative. 

You can download patches from SunSolve Online:

Administering Access Manager, Application Server, and Directory Server 

Java ES component documentation: