Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Guide for JBoss Application Server 4.0

Using the Installation Program of Agent for JBoss Application Server 4.0

After you issue the agentadmin command and accept the license agreement (if necessary) the installation program appears, prompting you for information.

The steps in the installation program are displayed in this section in an example interaction. Your answers to prompts can differ slightly or greatly from this example depending upon your specific deployment. In the example, most of the defaults have been accepted. This example is provided for your reference and does not necessarily indicate the precise information you should enter.

The following list provides key points about the installation program.

About Installation Prompts in Agent for JBoss Application Server 4.0

The following list provides information about specific prompts in the installation. Often the prompt is self explanatory. However, at other times you might find the extra information presented here to be very helpful. This extra information is often not obvious. Study this section carefully before issuing the agentadmin --install command.

After you have completed all the steps, a summary of your responses appears followed by options that allow you to navigate through those responses to accept or reject them.

When the summary appears, note the agent instance name, such as agent_001. You might be prompted for this name during the configuration process.

About the options, the default option is 1, Continue with Installation.

You can edit your responses as necessary, return to the options list, and choose option 1 to finally process your responses.