Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Guide for JBoss Application Server 4.0

J2EE Agent Support for Application Specific Agent Filter Operation Modes

The application-specific filter operation mode mechanism allows different applications to use different levels of protection as necessary. Different filter operation modes provide different levels of functionality, thus enabling the selection of the best mode for each protected application.

Benefit - Support for Application Specific Agent Filter Operation Modes: This feature provides customized protection for every application. For example, if two applications are deployed where one uses J2EE policies and the other does not, the agent can be configured to use different filter modes for each application. The agent will provide support for J2EE policies, but only for the application that has such policies. The results is the optimal use of system resources since the agent does not enforce the evaluation of J2EE policies for the application that does not have any J2EE policies.