Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Guide for JBoss Application Server 4.0

agentadmin --version

This section demonstrates the format and use of the agentadmin command with the --version option.

Example 2–9 Command Format: agentadmin --version

The following example illustrates the format of the agentadmin command with the --version option:

./agentadmin --version

No arguments are currently supported with the agentadmin command when using the --version option.

Example 2–10 Command Usage: agentadmin --version

Issuing the agentadmin command with the --version option provides you with version information for the configured J2EE agents on that machine. For example, if a J2EE agent were configured on Sun Java System Application Server 8.1, the following text demonstrates the type of output that would result from issuing this command:

Sun Java(TM) System Access Manager Policy Agent for:
Sun Java(TM) System Application Server 8.1
Version: 2.2
Build Number: 05
AM 70 Client SDK Version: 20050810.2
AM 63 Client SDK Version: 20050914.1
Date: 2005-09-15 15:04 PDT
Build Platform: machinename

In the preceding example, notice that the Version field shows the major version number. The Build Number shows the minor version number. The Date field provides the date and time the agent was built, while the Build Platform field provides information about the platform on which the agent was built. The Client SDK versions signify the Access Manager related client SDK versions that were shipped with the agent.