Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Guide for BEA WebLogic Server 9.0/9.1

J2EE Agent Specific Application for Housekeeping Tasks

Starting with this release of J2EE agents, a bundled application is available to perform housekeeping tasks on the deployment container.

This bundled application, when deployed on an agent-protected deployment container instance, expands the agent’s functionality. For example, this bundled application allows the agent to receive notifications and to support cross-domain single sign-on. In previous releases, this functionality was tied to an application referred to as the primary application, which was secured by the agent.

Benefit - Agent Specific Application for Housekeeping Tasks: The benefit of including this application with J2EE agents is that previously imposed restrictions have been removed from the primary application. In prior releases of J2EE agents, the primary application had to support such housekeeping tasks, often requiring additional configuration. For instance, in prior releases, deploying the primary application with blind web-tier declarative security required changes to the agent configuration to ensure that the agent would function properly. This additional configuration is not necessary with the current release since the agent-specific application for housekeeping tasks takes care of all such functionality.