Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Guide for IBM WebSphere Portal Server 6.0

ProcedureTo Launch the Uninstallation Program for the IBM WebSphere Portal Server 6.0 Agent

  1. Change to the following directory:


    This directory contains the agentadmin program for UNIX and Linux systems and the agentadmin.bat program for Windows systems. These programs are used for installing and uninstalling an agent as well as for performing other agent tasks. For more information, see Key Features and Tasks Performed With the J2EE agentadmin Program.

  2. Issue the agentadmin command. For example, on Solaris systems:

    ./agentadmin --uninstall


    ./agentadmin --uninstallAll

    where --uninstall removes one instance of the agent, and --uninstallAll removes all configured instances of the agent.

    After you issue one of the preceding commands, the uninstallation program launches and presents you with the first prompt as illustrated in the following section.