Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Guide for IBM WebSphere Portal Server 6.0

Information About Using J2EE Agents in Policy Agent 2.2

This section provides information about J2EE agents in Policy Agent 2.2 that will help you install and get accustomed to the product. J2EE agents have undergone some major changes for the 2.2 release that affect how you interact with them. Read the following subsections to understand the more significant ways that changes made in the 2.2 release affect the manner in which you use a J2EE agent.

Enhanced Installation Process for J2EE Agents in Policy Agent 2.2

The installation process for J2EE agents is quite different for the 2.2 release. This guide provides you with a chapter that explains all the details necessary for understanding this process, from unzipping the J2EE agent binaries to installation related commands, to the directory structure of J2EE agents once the binaries are unzipped. See Chapter 2, Vital Installation Information for a J2EE Agent in Policy Agent 2.2.

Increased Functionality of the agentadmin Program for J2EE Agents in Policy Agent 2.2

The agentadmin program is a required tool for the 2.2 release of J2EE agents. The functionality has increased significantly. The most basic of tasks, such as installation and uninstallation can only be performed with this tool.

For detailed information on installation related tasks performed with this program, see Role of the agentadmin Program in a J2EE Agent for Policy Agent 2.2.

For information on all the tasks performed with this program, see Key Features and Tasks Performed With the J2EE agentadmin Program.