Sun Java System Identity Synchronization for Windows 6.0 Deployment Planning Guide

Re-enabling the Directory Server Plugins

To complete the failover process, the Directory Server Plugin is re-enabled on each Directory Server, which ensures:

The plugins must be re-enabled in this order:

  1. Failover installation's preferred master.

  2. Failover installation's secondary master.

  3. All other masters.

  4. All read-only replicas.

    Note –

    The order in which the Directory Server Plugins are enabled is important. If they are enabled in the wrong order, on-demand synchronization requests could loop between two masters, tying up all Directory Server connections.

    When re-enabling the plugins, make sure to specify the configuration directory of the failover installation, for example,

This reinstallation procedure can be automated by doing more work ahead of time:

  1. Install the Directory Server Plugins for the Failover configuration.

  2. Export the plugins' configuration for each master from the cn=pswsync,cn=plugins,cn=config tree and it includes two entries.

  3. Re-enable the Directory Server Plugins for the Primary configuration.

To failover:

  1. Delete the cn=pswsync,cn=plugins,cn=config tree.

  2. Add the failover installation entries using ldapmodify.

  3. Restart the directory server.