Oracle Fusion Middleware Release Notes for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Behavioral Changes in Directory Server Enterprise Edition

This section describes the behavioral changes that were made in Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0.

Change in Product Layout

The Directory Server Enterprise Edition product layout changed as follows:

For a complete list of file locations, see Software Layout for Directory Server Enterprise Edition in Oracle Fusion Middleware Reference for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition.

Replica Update Vector in LDIF

Starting with Directory Server 7.0, the export process (dsadm export) always places the Replica Update Vector (RUV) as the last entry in the exported LDIF file.

Load Libraries for Sun Microsystems Plug-in From the Installation Directory

Directory Server loads the libraries for Sun Microsystems plug-ins from the path where the software is installed. The libraries are no longer loaded from the path mentioned in the LDIF.

Optimized Import

Global Import Process

A new threading model improves import performance on multi-core machines.

Parallel Merging

If an import is multi-pass, merging of the indexes happens in parallel if there is enough memory for holding the index and its temporary files. The parallel merging of indexes results in improved performance.

Compliance with RFC 4522

When a search operation returns attributes whose syntax requires binary transfer, it appends the ;binary qualifier to the attribute name. To disable compliance with RFC 4522, set the compat-flag property to no-rfc4522.

Compliance with RFC 4511

New in Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition 11g Release 1 (11.1.1).

LDAP's RFC 4511 states that an "and" filter choice evaluates to TRUE if all its constituent (SET OF) filters evaluate to TRUE. In practice, the result for an "and" filter choice is the set of entries that match each and every constituent filter applied on its own.

In previous versions of Directory Server, filters of the form (&(attr>=v1)(attr<=v2)) were interpreted as entries with values in the range v1...v2. This interpretation is too restrictive when the attribute is multi-valued, because an entry might have values that match both constituent filters but the values themselves might be smaller than v1 and bigger than v2.

The Directory Server now implements the RFC 4511 behavior by default, unless compat-flag is set to no-rfc4511.

New Administrative Commands and Functionality

This sections describes changes in the behavior of administrative commands.

Binary Backup

A binary backup modifies the backup files running a database recovery and flushes backup transaction logs to the backup databases. To leave the backup as is, use the --flags no-recovery option.

Faster Re-indexing

Re-indexing is performed more efficiently, reusing some recent import techniques and speed improvements.

Index State

The dsconf info command reports which attributes need to be re-indexed (for example, after a configuration change).

Enabled SSL Ciphers in Root DSE

The root DSE contains the list of supported ciphers as reported by the security library. In release 7.0, the root DSE also contains the ciphers that are available for SSL negotiation under the enabledSSLCiphers attribute, and it is by default a subset of all the supported ciphers.