Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

CoS Attribute Priority

If multiple CoS definitions or multivalued specifiers exist, but no merge-schemes qualifier, Directory Server uses a priority attribute to select a single template that defines the single value of the computed attribute.

The cosPriority attribute represents the global priority of a particular template among all those being considered. A priority of zero is the highest priority. Templates that contain no cosPriority attribute are considered the lowest priority. When two or more templates provide an attribute value but have the same or no priority, a value is chosen arbitrarily.

Template priorities are not taken into account when using the merge-schemes qualifier. When merging, all templates being considered define a value regardless of any priority that the templates define. The cosPriority attribute is defined on CoS template entries as described in the following section.

Note –

The cosPriority attribute must not have a negative value. Also, attributes generated by indirect CoS do not support priority. Do not use cosPriority in template entries of an indirect CoS definition.