Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Add Company 22's Data to the HR Data

The HR department requires an aggregated view of the HR data for and the newly acquired Company 22. The following diagram illustrates the requirements of the global HR application.

Figure 22–6 Aggregation of Data From Join Data View and LDAP Data View

Figure shows a complex join view of an LDAP directory
and another join view

ProcedureJoin the Example Join Data View and the Company 22 Data View

  1. Create a filter join rule on the Company 22 data view that specifies how the data should be aggregated.

    The following join rule specifies that data should be joined based on the employeeNumber attribute of the user entry.

    $ dpconf set-ldif-data-view-prop company22-view \
  2. Create a join data view that aggregates Company 22's data view and's join data view.

    $ dpconf create-join-data-view global-join-view example-join-view \
    company22-view dc=example,dc=com