Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Creating and Changing Replication Agreements

A replication agreement is a set of parameters on a supplier that configures and controls how updates are sent to a given consumer. The replication agreement must be created on the supplier replicated suffix that is sending updates to its consumer. You must create a replication agreement on the supplier for every consumer that you want updated.

ProcedureTo Create a Replication Agreement

You can use DSCC to perform this task. For information, see Directory Service Control Center Interface and the DSCC online help.

If you use DSCC to create a new replication agreement, you can choose to copy some or all replication agreement configuration settings from an existing replication agreement.

  1. From your master server, create a replication agreement for each consumer that you want to replicate to.

    $ dsconf create-repl-agmt -h host -p port suffix-DN consumer-host:consumer-port\

    For example:

    $ dsconf create-repl-agmt -h host1 -p 1389 dc=example,dc=com host2:1389

    To list existing replication agreements by using the command line, use the dsconf list-repl-agmts command.

    Note –

    If you change the port number on a master when replication is running, you do not need to reinitialize the servers. However, the old replication agreement that pointed to the old address (host:old-port) is no longer useful. If you want replication to continue as it did before the port number was changed, you must create a new agreement with the new address (host:new-port).

  2. Check that the replication agreement has been created correctly.

    $ dsconf show-repl-agmt-status -h host -p port suffix-DN consumer-host:consumer-port
  3. If the authentication status is not OK, run the dsconf accord-repl-agmt command.

    Note –

    Only use the command dsconf accord-repl-agmt if you are using the default replication manager. If you have created a new replication manager, do not use this command because it overwrites some required settings.

    The dsconf accord-repl-agmt command ensures that both the supplier and destination servers share the same replication authentication settings.

    $ dsconf accord-repl-agmt -h host -p port suffix-DN consumer-host:consumer-port

    For example:

    $ dsconf accord-repl-agmt -h host2 -p 1389 dc=example,dc=com host1:1389

ProcedureTo Change the Destination of a Replication Agreement

This procedure changes the remote replica pointed to by an existing replication agreement. The suffix DN and configuration of the existing agreement remain the same.

  1. Change the host name and port number of the remote replica in the replication agreement.

    $ dsconf change-repl-dest -h host -p port suffix-DN host:port new-host:new-port

    If this command is run with the -A protocol option, you can change the authentication protocol that is used by replication.