Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Configuring Replication Compression

To reduce the bandwidth used by replication, you may configure replication to compress the data that is sent when updating consumers. The replication mechanism uses the Zlib compression library. Both supplier and consumer must be running on a Solaris or Linux platform to enable compression.

You should empirically test and select the compression level that gives you best results for your expected replication usage in your WAN environment. Do not set this parameter in a LAN where there is wide network bandwidth because the compression and decompression computations will slow down replication.

ProcedureTo Configure Replication Compression

You cannot use DSCC to perform this task. Use the command line, as described in this procedure.

  1. Configure replication compression on the replication agreement entry in the master server.

    $ dsconf set-repl-agmt-prop -h host -p port suffix-DN \
     consumer-host:consumer-port transport-compression:level

    where level can be high, medium, low, or none.

    For example, to use the fastest compression when sending replication updates to the consumer on host1:1389, type:

    $ dsconf set-repl-agmt-prop -h host2 -p 1389 dc=example,dc=com host1:1389 \

    For more information about setting the compression level, see Oracle Fusion Middleware Reference for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition.