Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Overview of Attribute Value Uniqueness

The UID uniqueness plug-in is a pre-operation plug-in. It checks LDAP add, modify, and modify DN operations before the server performs an update of the directory. The plug-in determines whether the operation will cause two entries to have the same attribute value. If so, the server terminates the operation and returns error 19 LDAP_CONSTRAINT_VIOLATION to the client.

You can configure the plug-in to enforce uniqueness in one or more subtrees in the directory or among entries of a specific object class. This configuration determines the set of entries for which unique attribute values is enforced.

You can define several instances of the UID uniqueness plug-in if you want to enforce the uniqueness of other attributes. Define one plug-in instance for each attribute whose value must be unique. You can also have several plug-in instances for the same attribute to enforce “separate” uniqueness in several sets of entries. A given attribute value is allowed only once in each set of subtrees.

When you enable attribute uniqueness on an existing directory, the server does not check for uniqueness among existing entries. Uniqueness is only enforced when an entry is added or when the attribute is added or modified.

By default, the UID uniqueness plug-in is disabled because the plug-in affects multimaster replication. You can enable the UID uniqueness plug-in when using replication, but you should be aware of the behavior described in Using the Uniqueness Plug-In With Replication.