Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Data Views That Route All Requests, Irrespective of the Target DN of the Request

This section shows the configuration of a data view that routes all the requests that do not match their targets mentioned in their target DNs, to a data source pool. This data view is called the root data view. The root data view is created by default when an instance of Directory Proxy Server is created. For information about the root data view, see Data Views to Route All Requests, Irrespective of the Target DN of the Request in Oracle Fusion Middleware Reference for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition.

The root data view has the following configuration:

alternate-search-base-dn                    :  -
attr-name-mappings                         :  none
base-dn                                    :  ""
contains-shared-entries                    :  -
description                                :  Automatically-generated data view 
                                              able to route client operations 
                                              independently of the operation base dn
distribution-algorithm                     :  -
dn-join-rule                               :  -
dn-mapping-attrs                           :  none
dn-mapping-source-base-dn                  :  none
excluded-subtrees                          :  ""
excluded-subtrees                          :  cn=config
excluded-subtrees                          :  cn=monitor
excluded-subtrees                          :  cn=proxy manager
excluded-subtrees                          :  cn=virtual access controls
excluded-subtrees                          :  dc=example,dc=com
filter-join-rule                           :  -
is-enabled                                 :  true
is-read-only                               :  false
is-routable                                :  true
ldap-data-source-pool                      :  defaultDataSourcePool
lexicographic-attrs                        :  all
lexicographic-lower-bound                  :  none
lexicographic-upper-bound                  :  none
non-viewable-attr                          :  -
non-writable-attr                          :  -
numeric-attrs                              :  all
numeric-default-data-view                  :  false
numeric-lower-bound                        :  none
numeric-upper-bound                        :  none
pattern-matching-base-object-search-filter :  all
pattern-matching-dn-regular-expression     :  all
pattern-matching-one-level-search-filter   :  all
pattern-matching-subtree-search-filter     :  all
process-bind                               :  -
replication-role                           :  master
viewable-attr                              :  all except non-viewable-attr
writable-attr                              :  all except non-writable-attr