Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

ProcedureTo Configure Client Affinity

This procedure describes how to configure affinity between a client connection and a data source.

You can use DSCC to perform this task. For information, see Directory Service Control Center Interface and the DSCC online help.

  1. View the current load balancing algorithm by viewing the properties of the data source pool.

    $ dpconf get-ldap-data-source-pool-prop -h host -p port pool-name

    The default properties of a data source pool are as follows:

    client-affinity-bind-dn-filters     :  any
    client-affinity-criteria            :  connection
    client-affinity-ip-address-filters  :  any
    client-affinity-policy              :  write-affinity-after-write
    client-affinity-timeout             :  20s
    description                         :  -
    enable-client-affinity              :  false
    load-balancing-algorithm            :  proportional

    These parameters configure client affinity: client-affinity-bind-dn-filters, client-affinity-criteria, client-affinity-ip-address-filters, client-affinity-policy, client-affinity-timeout, and enable-client-affinity. For a description of the properties and a list of their valid values, type:

    dpconf help-properties ldap-data-source-pool client-affinity-bind-dn-filters \
    client-affinity-criteria client-affinity-policy client-affinity-ip-address-filters\
     client-affinity-timeout enable-client-affinity

    For more information about the properties, see these man pages: client-affinity-bind-dn-filters(5dpconf), client-affinity-criteria(5dpconf), client-affinity-ip-address-filters(5dpconf)client-affinity-policy(5dpconf), client-affinity-timeout(5dpconf), and enable-client-affinity(5dpconf).

  2. Enable client affinity.

    $ dpconf set-ldap-data-source-pool-prop -h host -p port pool-name \
  3. Select a policy for client affinity.

    $ dpconf set-ldap-data-source-pool-prop -h host -p port pool-name \

    where selected-policy is one of the following:


    Affinity for write requests after the first write request


    Affinity for all requests after the first write request


    Affinity for all requests after the first read request or write request


    Affinity for the first read request after a write request

  4. Configure the duration of the client affinity.

    $ dpconf set-ldap-data-source-pool-prop -h host -p port pool-name \

    The default unit for timeout is milliseconds.

    The above setting is applicable to the only connection under consideration. It is not applicable to all the connections from a particular client.