Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Deleting a Suffix

Deleting a suffix removes its entire branch from the DIT.

Note –

When you delete a suffix, you permanently remove all of its data entries from the directory. You also remove all suffix configuration information, including its replication configuration.

You cannot delete a parent suffix and keep its sub-suffixes in the DIT as new root suffixes. If you want to delete an entire branch that contains sub-suffixes, you must also delete the sub-suffixes of the deleted parent and their possible sub-suffixes.

ProcedureTo Delete a Suffix

You can use DSCC to perform this task. For information, see Directory Service Control Center Interface and the DSCC online help.

  1. Remove the suffix configuration entry:

    $ dsconf delete-suffix -h host -p port [subSuffix-DN] suffix-DN

    This command removes the suffix from the server, starting with the base entry at the suffix-DN. The suffix is no longer visible or accessible in the directory.