Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

ProcedureTo Set Referrals to Make a Suffix Read-Only

  1. Set the referral URL.

    $ dsconf set-suffix-prop -h host -p port suffix-DN referral-url:LDAP-URL

    where LDAP-URL is a valid URL containing the host name, port number, and DN of the target.

    For example:

    $ dsconf set-suffix-prop -h host1 -p 1389 dc=example,dc=com \

    You can specify any number of LDAP URLs.

  2. Set the referral mode in order to make the suffix read-only.

    $ dsconf set-suffix-prop -h host -p port suffix-DN referral-mode:only-on-write

    To make the suffix unavailable for both read and write operations, and to return referrals for all requests, set the referral-mode to enabled.

  3. As soon as the command is successful, the suffix is read-only or inaccessible and ready to return referrals.

  4. (Optional) When the suffix becomes available, disable the referrals to make the suffix read-write again.

    $ dsconf set-suffix-prop -h host -p port suffix-DN referral-mode:disabled

    When referrals are disabled, the suffix automatically becomes read-write, unless you have disabled the suffix itself by setting the enabled property of the suffix to off.